At London Grounds, we understand that your sports, as well as your general grounds need to look their best and that’s why we are always willing to push that extra yard to make it happen.

Our teams are specialists, they know how to make the most of your facilities all year round and of course, with our tough economic climate, they also understand how to stretch your budgets. It’s all about a close working relationship. As soon as we have a clear idea of your aims and ambitions then we can work out a plan that’s not only right for you, but will add real benefits to your school, college or university.

Sports grounds need particular attention. Knowing how and when to mark out pitches, cut the grass and generally maintain common areas is, of course essential, but we can also maintain and prepare running tracks, jumping pits and all weather surfaces. We will even help with the school nature study and environmental areas necessary for the national curriculum. What’s more, if you have any special sporting events looming, just give us a call and see what we can do to help make it special.

Don’t forget, as well as sporting facilities, we will look after any lawns, shrubberies and other general areas.

Green grass on a golf field

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